Fizzy Drinks: AI Implementation Artificial Intelligence Project


A hypothetical case study for a AI service. FizzyDrinks is a global beverage company that produces a wide range of soft drinks. The company operates in over 150 countries, and each market has unique preferences concerning flavors, sugar and calorie contents, marketing preferences, and competitors faced by the brand. This makes it challenging to stay on top of the game in every territory. Recently FizzyDrinks have introduced their “AutoFiz” machines, which allow customers to combine beverages and flavors from the company‚Äôs entire portfolio from an interactive touch-screen display. FizzyDrinks needs to collect and analyze vast amounts of data from disparate sources to determine which of its brands are likely to be well-received. FizzyDrinks wanted to Implement AI to Predict future sales.



  1. arrowGather consumer data from social media and sales to understand user preferences and buying patterns.
  2. arrowBuild an AI Model for predicting future sales using past data.
  3. arrowImplement an AI model to AutoFiz for continuous data gathering and be used for predicting future sales.


  1. Data Collection and AnalysisThe first step in any AI implementation is data collection. FizzyDrinks can collect data from various sources such as social media, customer interactions, and sales data. This data can be analyzed to understand customer preferences, buying patterns, and market trends.
  2. AI ModelsAfter collecting and analyzing data, the next step is to build AI models. These models can be trained to predict future sales, understand customer behavior, and optimize the supply chain.
  3. Implementing the AI in the MachineOnce the model is built, it can be implemented in the “AutoFiz” machines. This could involve programming the machines to use the model to predict future sales and suggest popular flavors to customers.
  4. MaintenanceAfter the model is implemented, it should be continually monitored and updated. This involves retraining the model with new data and adjusting its parameters to improve its performance.

Technogies Used:

Python, Pandas, Statsmodels, Flask, and Scikit-learn


This case study illustrates how a MabuhayTech can offer a AI service to help the company gain insights into customer preferences, launch new products, improve customer experience, and enhance productivity. This use of AI has allowed FizzyDrinks to stay competitive in the global beverage market.