Health Vibe: Sotware Development Update Software Development Project


A hypothetical case study for a Sotfware Developemnt service. Health Vibe a large hospital wants to have a comprehensive hospital management system. The system was to replace the existing, outdated system and provide a more efficient, user-friendly, and secure system for managing patient data, appointments, billing, and other hospital operations.


  1. arrowDevelop a new system responsible for managing patient data, appointments, billing, and other hospital operations.
  2. arrowCreate an app for the system


  1. Requirement GatheringWorked closely with the hospital’s management team and staff to understand the specific needs and requirements of the new system. They conducted interviews, workshops, and surveys to gather detailed information about the hospital’s operations, workflows, and challenges.
  2. DesignBased on the requirements gathered, designed the system architecture, user interface, and database schema. They ensured the design met the hospital’s needs and was scalable to accommodate future growth.
  3. DevelopmentThe development team started coding the system according to the designs. They implemented features such as patient registration, appointment scheduling, billing, inventory management, and reporting. The development process was streamlined by using Agile methodologies, which allowed the team to deliver features incrementally.
  4. TestingConducted rigorous testing of the system to identify and fix bugs and ensure the system met the specified requirements. They used both manual and automated testing methods.
  5. Deployment Once the system was tested and approved, it was deployed in the hospital environment. The hospital staff were trained on how to use the new system, and the old system was phased out.
  6. MaintenanceAfter the launch, Collects users and staff feedback and made necessary updates and improvements. Continue to work to ensure the app met their needs and goals.

Technogies Used:

React JS, MUI, SpringBoot, Hibernate, Git, Jenkins, AWS


This case study illustrates how a MabuhayTech can offer a Software Development service to help the company enhance its operations, improve its services, and ultimately, provide better care to its patients. This case study demonstrates how a well-planned and executed software development project can lead to significant benefits for a company